About Nove Starine

Nove Starine (meaning New Antiquities in English) is a 4.5 hectare nature reserve as well as an arts, cultural and sustainability center. The park consists primarily of pine tree forest, as well as a wide variation of other vegetation that harbors much wildlife (birds, squirrels, foxes, insects etc), with a naturally hilly terrain. Over the past 13 years, the park has slowly evolved with the expansion of the philosophy to accommodate more structures for a variety  of activities. This includes a garden which is growing a variety of vegetables and herbs that is also practicing permaculture gardening techniques. There is now a kitchen, pantry and cooking area (cooking is done on wood-fired stoves) as well as herd table. Past the kitchen and communal area you will find a library with books in a range of languages, from maps to guide books, language learning books, fiction and non-fiction. Deeper into the forest a small bungalow for guests is located, as well as a sauna and outdoor shower created from pine trees. Keep walking and the construction of a yoga platform is under way. Walk back past the kitchen into the other side of the forest and you will come across the volunteer camp, the compost toilet, fire pit and cinema. Walk up the bank past the cinema into the cleared forest area, where hammocks and a gym are located.

All of these structures have been created by Ivan, his friends and volunteers, using a lot of natural materials that are native to the local area. As well as this, Ivan’s stone carvings are spread throughout the forest, most serving as chairs or tables whilst others are purely art pieces, melting art and nature together into what appears to be an alternative exhibition.