How to support us

Nove Starine would not be able to exist without the help and support of all the volunteers that come to stay and work here. Over 400 volunteers have traveled to Nove Starine over the past 3 years, and have brought with them immeasurable amounts of creativity, passion, ideas, culture, motivation and joy. Nove Starine has been built with hands from all corners of the Earth, and from many differing perspectives, knowledge and experiences. The projects range from small individual projects, to larger scale projects or collective processes where all volunteers work together on a task. Many volunteers arrive and quickly discover how they would like to contribute, whether this is through workshops to share skills with other volunteers, cultural projects such as an international film festival, building projects to contribute to all ready existing structures or create new ones, permaculture gardening projects…the list goes on! Ivan allows for the space to be free so the projects and ideas can be realized, whilst guiding the projects and supporting the volunteers. Nove Starine exists not only because of the collective work of those staying here, but it also exists so that those same people can live in a sustainable way. It exists for the same people it is created by.

Ivan Tokić is currently offering long-term volunteer or internship opportunities at the park with a minimum stay of 3 months. This can be anyone from students, travelers, or just someone looking for an adventure while contributing to something worthwhile. Individuals who would like to gain real world experience on a unique project where they can exercise autonomy, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit are welcomed.