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While Nove Starine stands as a beacon of sustainability and creative freedom, it cannot exist without the continued support of communities local and abroad. Over 500 volunteers have traveled to Nove Starine over the past 4 years, and have brought with them immeasurable amounts of creativity, passion, ideas, culture, motivation and joy. Nove Starine has been built with hands from all corners of the Earth, and from many differing perspectives, knowledge and experiences. The projects range from small individual projects, to larger scale projects or collective processes where all volunteers work together on a task. Many volunteers arrive and quickly discover the countless opportunities awaiting them; whether this is through workshops to share skills with other volunteers, cultural projects such as international film festivals, building projects to contribute to existing structures or new structures, permaculture gardening projects, and so much more!

Ivan Tokic is currently offering long-term volunteer or internship opportunities at the park with a minimum stay of 1 month. Volunteers from all walks of life are welcome to further the philosophies of Nove Starine while developing their own skills and interests. If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact us here. Please include the date and duration of your stay, a description about yourself, what skills you can bring, and what skills you would like to learn. Commitment to the project is a must, and we are looking for truly dedicated individuals!


Nove Starine relies solely on the generous donations from people like you who share goals of artistic free expression and environmental stewardship. Any and all contributions toward Nove Starine are pivotal in supporting these goals! Ivan dedicates all funds toward significant projects, like building ecostructures, drilling for spring water, and purchasing vital resources needed for the continuation of Nove Starine. Click the link below to donate online. Every little bit helps!


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