History of Nove Starine

From Trash to Treasure: the History of Nove Starine

14 years ago, when Ivan Tokic was seeking a location for his stonecarving passion, he did not imagine that he would later found a nature and culture preserve that would later stand out as an icon of Croatia. Nove Starine, or “New Ruins” in Croatian, arose from what was a neglected and abandoned junkyard to become a remarkable park complete with stone sculptures, a permaculture garden, various cottages made from reclaimed materials, an outdoor natural gym, and of course, hectares of pristine, untouched ecosystems. It took Ivan 5 years to single-handedly clean and restore the land before realizing its potential as a cultural and ecological center for the world. He soon began inviting members of the local community and volunteers from abroad to share his philosophies of environmental stewardship and unhindered artistic expression. Hundreds of volunteers from around the world have heeded the call to action and have contributed in their own unique ways to make Nove Starine what it is today.

Nove Starine is constantly changing, and thrives on the continual dedicated support of volunteers and contributors. If you are inspired to be a part of Nove Starine’s development, visit our support us page to see how you can help!



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